History of the car

The BMW E24 is the first generation of the BMW 6 series coupes and was produced from 1976 to 1989.

This car was produced after the first face lift in 1982 (CS/1) with big chromed rear bumper (the best composition of the E24 in our opinion) on the E28 chassis, what is not just about 50 kg lighter but more rigid. The transmission is a five speed Getrag 265/6. Because of the nature of the manual transmission the car accelerates faster and has a higher top speed.

This car was first registered by a german media company in 12.10.1983 with the following options:

320 Model Designation, Deletion

350 Therm.insulat.glass green

400 Slide/tilt sunroof, manually operated

660 Bmw Bavaria Cassette II

680 Radio antenna, manual

690 Cassette holder

915 Without Special Conservation Exterior

979 Velour mats front and rear

The second owner was a man from Allerhausen (born in 04.12.1955). Interesting that he registered the car on 04.12.1986 on his 31. birthday.

The third and last owner from 1988 is a man from Reutlingen (born in 1948). The car was not used since 2003.

In February of 2016 we bought the car and not much later we started the restoration.


About the restoration

Our goal is to restore the car to it's original condition. We are aiming for perfection with the help of old factory photos.

The most important works like the disassembly, assembly, engine renovation, bodywork, painting are covered by us.

What can "impair" the originality, is the 3 piece 18 inch Kerscher CS wheel setup. The car will have a modern but classic look with these wheels. Of course the original BMW wheels will be supplied with the car.

The bodywork

was disassembled and all the rusty parts were removed (spot weld drill). Then the body was sandblasted. The rust free part of the body was immediately painted with 2K epoxy base coat to prevent rusting. Then we started the welding with new parts. All the rust was removed even between the typically rusty areas between the sheet metals. After the welding the whole body received an epoxy base coat and was sealed with a Teroson product much better than in the factory. At some places we used a special Teroson 2K epoxy product instead of using tin. So the sheet was not heated up and had no chance to deform. The underbody and the cavities will be protected with a Teroson product. The body will receive the original bronzit beige color.

Some chromed parts will be renewed some will be changed for new.

The engine and drive train

was cleaned and inspected after removal of the car. The engine was in excellent condition so no additional work was carried out above the regular. The block received a heat resistant black paint. The engine recieved the following new parts: piston rings, crank- and rod bearings, 6 valves and rocker arms, valve guides, valve seals, timing chain, tensioners, sprockets, all sealings, water pump, thermostat. The generator and alternator was renewed. The cylinder head received the regular machining. No more job was necessary. The clutch looked like new.

The car has the original engine. "Matching numbers".

All the aluminium parts were cleaned and blasted to look like new.

The car received a catalyst in 1998 (it's in the logbook). We removed the catalyst and changed for the original exhaust section.

The interior's

Recaro seats received new leather in the original color and pattern. The headliner will be renewed.

Wheels and running gear.

The lips of the Kerscher wheels were polished. The middle and rear section will be painted.

The original BMW wheels were sandblasted and painted to the original color.

The axle carriers, rear trailing arms etc. were sandblasted, had zinc bath and were powder coated. All seals, rubber mountings, bearings will be changed.

The car previously received lowering springs (written in the german logbook).

About us

We are a small family business from Baja, Hungary. More than 20 years of experience in the bodywork and painting.

Our motto: quality before everything.


A few photos of our job.
























Renewed gearbox.




Renewed ABS unit.




Painted undercarriage.

Finished bodywork.

Finished bodywork.

Finished bodywork.

Finished bodywork.

Finished bodywork.

Before painting.


On the way to the painting workshop.

New rear bumper.

New front grills.

New parts for sunroof.

Checking gaps.

Painted engine compartment.

Painted luggage compartment.

New lowering springs.

Painted interior.

139 - Bronzitbeige Metallic.

Renewed output shaft.

These parts are ready to install.

Rear-axle drive.

Seam sealed luggage compartment.

New original Hella lights.

Cavity protection of running gear parts.

Renewed parts.

Sound insulation in the engine bay.

Sound insulation in the interior.

Seam sealed interior.

New original complete rear light. No longer available from BMW.

Seam sealed engine compartment.

Original new BMW mats. No longer available since 1992.


Sealing before the final mounting of the front fenders.

The underbody is protected.

Seam sealing is ready.

Original M-Technic fender flares and rear spoiler.

Steering gear refurbishment.


The front section undercoated till the end of A pillar. We used 5 liter.

New parts.

Final drive renewal.

New fuel tank sealed and painted.

Closing of floor panels.

A few product we use.

The underbody received the base coat. Sealing in progress.

Front section till B pillar received the base coat.

Interior base coated.

Cleaned body parts prepared for base coat.

Checking gaps before base coat.

Rear section till B pillar and roof in base coat.

Welding job is ready on the body. Next step is the base coat with 2K epoxy.

Welding job is ready on the body. Next step is the base coat with 2K epoxy.

New water cooler.

Renewed steering wheel.

Front section is ready for base coat.

Painted BMW wheels.

Rear seats.

Front seats during assembly.

Front seat during assembly.

New right rear light frame and lens.

Few new parts. More to come.

Body parts made by us (not available from BMW).


Inner sill. Not available from BMW so we made it.

Powder coated parts.

Powder coated parts.

Zinc coated parts before powder coat.

Sandblasted wheels before paint.

Ready to install.

Original new battery panel welded and sealed.

Battery panel before install.

Almost ready engine.

Almost ready engine.

Kerscher wheels before renewal.

A few zinc coated parts.

Zinc coated bolts and nuts.

Valve cover ready to install.

A few pearl blasted parts.

New rod bearings.

Cleaned pistons.

BMW wheels before renewal.

Base coat after sandblast.

Base coat after sandblast.

Base coat after sandblast.

On the way to the sandblaster.

New trunk panels.

Installed new side member.

A few new parts.

Kerscher CS

Kerscher CS

Engine before disassembly.

Interior before disassembly.

On the first day.